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Van Conversion Competition 2021



From 31st March date the entries will all go live on our Facebook page.

Get all your friends, frenemies, casual acquaintances and family liking and sharing.

The top 6 entries with the most likes and shares go through to a judging panel.

The chosen winner will win 2500 € in cash.


Competition Entry Form:

Please fill in the form below carefully, providing all required information.

Informations Personnelles

Van Build Info

Company Info


Please attach at least 3 images of your van interior - images should be no more than 2000x750 pixels and not more than 2MB each.

The Marketing Bit

Please send me your occasional offers, new product information, catalogues and important news. I understand that you don't like pointless marketing spam either and would be delighted if you'd keep in touch!

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